It’s how far you’ve climbed that matters…

Much as I love watching great sporting events such as Badminton or Royal Windsor Horse Show, they can have the effect of making ones own achievements fade into comparison. My triumph at hacking my spooky pony past a flapping rubbish bag in the hedge seems to pale into insignificance beside Piggy French’s Badminton win, but it shouldn’t.

Our achievements are not less because of others victories. The scale doesn’t matter. Her win was wonderful, but what I have overcome to be able to hack along the road without wanting to throw up from nerves is not less of an achievement.

We live in a world that judges people on their ability to be best. How fast can you run, how early can you read a book, how clever are you. But the dyslexic child who has persevered, painstakingly to learn how to read a simple sentence, has climbed far higher than the child for whom everything has been easy.

Don’t ever diminish your climb because someone else has climbed higher, they may have been a long way up the mountain when they started. Remember where you started from and be proud of where you have reached.

So the next time that you do something that you once found impossible, remind yourself of that. Don’t judge yourself by the other riders in the school, but rather compare yourself to where you once were. We forget how far we have come, we forget how difficult it has been, we get disheartened by other’s achievements, because we forget how very far we have come. Praise yourself, look back down the mountain, and even if you are nowhere near the top, be proud at how far you have climbed.

Once we remember to be proud of ourselves, we can then delight in others achievements without dismissing our own.

One thought on “It’s how far you’ve climbed that matters…”

  1. I love that, thank you. It reminds me of a line from a poem called the Desiderata, which simply says: “Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans”

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