Thermology uncovered…continued

How Thermology Is Influencing The Veterinary Industry And The Horse Owner’s Approach To Lameness Investigation – part 2

by guest blogger Sophie Gent, continuing on from our previous blog…


There are many benefits to using Thermology to assist diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. As the technology identifies inflammatory and neurological processes one of its main clinical benefits is when it is used to non-invasively locate the potential source of lameness. Horses can be imaged in a short space of time without the need for sedation. Numerous injuries, diseases and conditions can be identified and monitored. Services are now available through many veterinary practices and if referred, costs can be covered by insurance. The technology is also cost effective, a full body assessment with dynamic testing and veterinary interpretation is available for as little as £395.

Physiological imaging is a powerful tool when used correctly in specialist areas of medicine or as an adjunctive imaging modality. If owners source the service from their local vet then it is likely that the technology will have a positive influence on the investigation and ultimately diagnosis.

Joint Related Conditions – How Can Thermography Assist?

Thermology detects the inflammatory processes that are produced when physiological changes start to occur in a joint, the technology can assist veterinary surgeons in the identification of both early stage and chronic joint disease. Degenerative changes are often the cause of lameness but structural imaging may not contribute to the investigation in the early stages, it can be challenging for vets to encourage further or more expensive diagnostics particularly when x-ray and ultrasound have been performed to no avail.  As Thermology is non-invasive, sedation free and offers affordable function testing it can support the use of further diagnostics and earlier treatment. Using the technology to review joints which are difficult to image with x-ray or ultrasound has proven beneficial to many vets and has helped warrant targeted investigations.  Assisting in isolating stifle pathology has been a reason many practices have utilised our service.

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