Expensive or good value?

By Lizzie Hopkinson

Price is subjective. What one person thinks of as expensive others may think of as cheap. We all have different values and limited pockets, and always make our choices accordingly.

I recently went to a private dental practice which advertised as specialising in nervous patients. The service I received was outstanding, the level of empathy and compassion provided by all the staff from the receptionists to the dentist was exemplary. I was very impressed.

But the cost of receiving treatment was too expensive for me. Not over-priced, just out of my budget. On reflection I think the level of care you would receive there was justified in the price. My decision not to go ahead with the treatment was not a reflection on their service but simply on my pocket. I will find another service which will be cheaper, but may not be quite as good. Would I have gone to the private dentist if I could have afforded it – yes!

We sell products that are expensive. I have heard comments about both the Equiband System and the Arc Equine around their expense. But are they too expensive? No – as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The developers of the Equiband System spent two years finding the right material to use for the bands. People are making their own “equibands” using theraband or elastic bandages – you cannot expect that to be as good.

Remember just because you cannot afford a product, it doesn’t mean the product is too expensive, or over-priced, it just means it is too expensive for your budget. However budgets can be honed. Do you buy a coffee every day for £2.50? If you didn’t for 80 days you would have saved the price of an Equiband System. £20 a week on a takeaway? Have 10 weeks off and you have saved the price of an Equiband System.

I’m off to work out if I can save enough money elsewhere in my budget to pay for private dental care…

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