How to deal with anti-climax

I recently experienced anti-climax when I finished some big exams, where preparation for them had become the main focus of my day for so long. When I struggled or felt like giving up, I’d think of when the exams would be over, using it as motivation to keep me going. I’d tell myself “not long until they’re over”, “can’t wait until I have more free time.” However, the exams eventually came and went, and whilst life went on like normal for others around me, I no longer had the main focus to my days like I used to, and then the question of “what shall I do?” started creeping into my mind.

We all experience anti-climax at some point. For example, training for a horse show. Everything feels like it revolves around the extra care for your horse, the daily exercise, the careful grooming before the show, the anticipation, and then it’s over like nothing ever happened, how can that be?┬áNevertheless, it’s not all negative, you have just achieved something and this is a positive thing.

There are many stages to dealing with anti-climax such as planning ahead and considering what will come next by planning something exciting that you will be able to look forward to after the event has taken place. For instance, this could be a celebration. Take time to notice your achievement and all the work that has gone into it – giving yourself credit is important.

Sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted and we forget to appreciate the things in our life. Look back on what you didn’t have or what you hadn’t achieved and imagine what life would have been like if you hadn’t reached that goal or achievement. Probably not where you want to be, so there you go, you have made progress and this is a good thing, you just need to recognise that.

Guest post by Florence Duncan