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Dr Hilary Clayton is an internationally renowned veterinarian, author, researcher and clinician. Her work in the field of equestrian biomechanics has provided incredible insight into equine sports, and the relationship between the horse and rider. She has carried out research across an extensive range of areas including, though not limited to; bit fitting, saddle fitting biometrics, kinematics, kinetics and locomotion. Her work has helped to further knowledge and to improve welfare for horses across the globe.

Dr Narelle Stubbs is the official Australian Equestrian Team Physiotherapist, treating both horse and rider in many forms of equitation at the World Equestrian Games (1998, 2002, 2006) and the Olympics (2000,2004 and 2008). Narelle regularly lectures internationally at Veterinary and Physiotherapy conferences and special teaching engagements. Narelle’s research interests include: biomechanics of locomotion, back and neck dysfunction, rehabilitation techniques, and the horse / rider unit and athletic performance.


Ethical Horse Products is delighted to be able to offer the DVD and laminated handbook ‘Activate Your Horse’s Core’ by Dr Hilary Clayton and Dr Narelle Stubbs. This book and DVD provide a series of exercises which have been shown in field trials to increase the cross-sectional area of the multifidus muscle, i.e. to improve core muscle strength. The exercises are broken down into three areas; dynamic mobilisation exercises (i.e. baited stretches), core strengthening exercises and balancing exercises.

The effects of the dynamic mobilisation exercises have been studied and the results have been evaluated. The results show that the size of the deep spinal stabilising muscles increases after sustained use of the dynamic stabilisation exercises taught and clearly demonstrated in ‘Activate Your Horse’s Core’. The muscle size was measured using ultrasonography in three separate studies, across three countries, with the duration and frequency of the exercises being different in each study.

The deep spinal stabilising muscles are responsible for the stability of the back and neck during locomotion. These muscles can become weakened through injury and can benefit from targeted exercises to strengthen them. Your horse will benefit from increased mobility and stability in his back and neck, no matter what his age or condition. These exercises can be used as part as rehabilitation (please check with your professional if you have any concerns whether they are appropriate for your horse) or simply as part of your daily warm-up routine.

The better chance we give our horses to perform to their optimum, the more enjoyable our experience with them will be, and theirs with us. Regardless of whether you are competing professionally, or enjoying a sunny hack, these exercises will help your horse to build and maintain a healthy core, meaning he finds his work easier.  Increased levels of comfort lead to less ‘bad’ behaviour as well as improved performance.  Take the time it takes, put the effort into helping your horse to physically be his best, and both you and he will reap the rewards.

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