If you get tired…

…learn to rest not to quit.

I love this saying, I think I need it all over the walls of my house! We forget, don’t we, in a world full of the need to drive forwards, to be bigger, better, more successful, more full stop, we forget. We forget just to take a moment out, to rest, to reflect, to see where we have come from, not only where we are going.

Life is tiring, trying to get better at anything is tiring. Whether you are trying to fit in bring on your youngster in the limited hours around work. Or trying to get enough show practice in to improve your ring nerves. Or just trying to find the time to groom your old pony every other day. Life is busy, we are all too hectic, too busy running round, chasing our tails.

If you feel that you can’t possibly take a moment to rest, take a long look at your life. There are often things that you can not do, and the world won’t end. (Anyone who irons – stop!) If you are really struggling to find the time to rest, ask for help. We all find it difficult asking for help, but actually most people are really willing to help out. People like being asked.

The great thing about resting is that you come back stronger, a break does us all good. Us, our horses, we all benefit from time spent simply staring at the clouds, not striving, not pushing forwards, just simply being.

So that next time you are feeling too tired to carry on, or are feeling overwhelmed by the smallest of tasks, don’t quit. Simply take some time to rest. Don’t put it off, you only have one body, take care of it. If you don’t, no-one else will…


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