By Sue Palmer

Laminitis is a devastating condition, as anyone who has watched their horse or pony suffer from it will know. There is much new research around the condition, and the BHS recently wrote a great piece that I wanted to share it contains so much useful information (

Especially at this time of year, it is really important to monitor your horses weight. Although laminitis is commonly (90%) an endocrine condition, it can be triggered through excess weight, and spring and autumn are the worst times for this. I have seen my own mare barely able to stand du to toxic laminitis, and I have treated many horses and ponies with the condition, in an effort to help them be more comfortable, if only for a short while. Perhaps consider getting your boss tested for EMS or PPID (see article for more information to be able to better assess the risk getting laminitis.

Please take a moment, or actually several minutes, to read this detailed information that the BHS have put together (, and let’s share the evidenced based knowledge around laminitis, rather than relying on tradition and old wives tales.

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