I have a dream…

By Sue Palmer

No horse wakes up in the morning and thinks “Today I’m going to be naughty. Today I’m going to be deliberately difficult.” What we see as ‘problem behaviour’ is the horse’s way of asking for help.

I have a dream that one day a sore horse’s plea for help will be listened to, understood, and acted upon.

I have a dream that one day, people will ask the right questions and search for the right answers, rather than try to extinguish a behaviour with force or violence.

I have a dream that one day, horse and rider will work together in harmony to overcome difficulties, rather than fighting each other.

There’s a saying that ‘many roads lead to Rome’, and at the Ethical Horsemanship Association (EHA) there will be others sharing your journey, no matter which road you’re taking towards improving the welfare of the horse. There are sore horses in every walk of life, from happy hacker to Olympic eventer, and their language is the same, no matter what their ‘job’ is. Every horse owner I’ve every met wants the best for their horse, whether that’s to enhance his life as a ‘field ornament’, or to compete successfully in 160km endurance rides.

At EHA we are surrounded by a network of people who share these dreams, and have similar dreams of their own. The seeds of change have been planted, and they are growing throughout the world. To continue to grow, these seeds need ongoing care and attention. For these dreams to become reality, our horses need you and I to play an active part in the revolution. We must share our passion, our knowledge, our ideas and our experiences, for the love of the horse.

I see sore horses every day, and am extremely privileged to be in a position to help them directly, but to reach more horses I need your help. This is why my team and I have founded EHA, in the belief that our shared compassion can create a better world for the horse. To lead change, you need to be the change, and our horses are reliant on you to step up to the challenge.

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