BETA 2018 – exciting times


By Lizzie Hopkinson

We had a brilliant time at BETA 2018 yesterday. It was such a great opportunity to catch up with some fantastic people, some old faces, some new. The range of products on offer was impressive and with some interesting developments coming onto the market, 2018 has never looked more exciting! We already stock a select range of products here, but keep an eye out for new offerings coming soon!

I reflected, as I chatted with various magazines, including Horse and Hound, Horse and Rider, and Pony Magazine, on the nature of email communication. I spend much of my day engaged in email correspondence, sometimes with people that I have met, sometimes with people I haven’t, and while the medium of email is brilliant and allows me to communicate with people across the world, nothing replaces real time face to face communication. Rather like nothing replicates the sensation of riding, and nothing comes close to the feeling that you get when everything suddenly clicks into place, and you feel truly bonded with your horse.

BETA was brilliant for me, as I got to put faces to names, and meet with people who I have communicated with via email over the year. To some extent I get the same feeling, that clicking into place, as our thoughts align with each other. Once you have had that feeling, whether on your horse while hacking, or floating through a perfect half-pass, you know it is there. It may be elusive, and you may not be able to access it again quickly, but that fleeting moment of connection helps you to understand what it is your are striving through, both in your human and equine connections…

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