Book review – Animal Osteopathy by Tony Nevin – Part 1

This is a fascinating book, full of contributions from an incredible array of highly respected people from the field of animal osteopathy. Tony Nevin, famous for his work on elephants, was one of the brilliant contributors to Sue Palmer’s excellent book Understanding Horse Performance, Brain, Pain or Training.

Animal Osteopathy is split into chapters for different species of animal, and the chapters are written by different contributors dependent upon their specialty. Whilst one might except to only be interested in the animals that one is already interested in, for example dogs and horses, actually the other chapters are equally as fascinating. I particularly found the chapter on small furries, including rabbits, rats and guinea pigs, completely riveting, having never considered that you would be able to treat such a small animal using osteopathy.

This book is a must for anyone who is considering a career in animal osteopathy, or indeed other related fields, such as physio or equine massage. It will only serve to increase your knowledge and open your eyes to the extent of what you can do with the skills you want to learn.

Equally anyone who is interested in what their osteopath is doing to their animals will find this book engrossing and absorbing. While there are sections of detailed scientific descriptions, these are well-written and can be understood and enjoyed by non-professionals. Many books veer between being too scientific for lay people to understand and too simplistic for those with a basic working knowledge of the subject. This book rides a good line between the two, which is a difficult thing to do!

The difference and similarities between the species is discussed which is eye-opening. I had never considered the difference in body mass to skeleton size across the species before, and it certainly increased my understanding of the different species of animals.

This book is far too large and impressive to be discussed in just one book review, so keep your eyes peeled for the next installment! Or if it has already tickled your fancy, click here to buy!

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