Joined Up Rehab
by Jo Paul M.C.S.P., ACPAT Cat A

About the author

Jo Paul is a Chartered Physiotherapist owner of W.E.R.C. specialising in the treatment of horse and rider.  Jo also provides training for others, wishing to utilise ‘Joined up Rehab’ , a structured system she has developed over the past 35 years combining her equestrian knowledge and physiotherapy expertise to assess, treat and re-habilitate the equine.

Alongside running her private practice, Jo has worked with equine charity World Horse Welfare since 1989 and has been a key part developing the physiotherapy protocols now in use in their UK farms.

Jo lectures regularly to owners, vets, and other professionals but mainly students completing the Veterinary Physiotherapy MSc degree and post graduate A.C.P.A.T. Chartered Physiotherapists both in the UK and internationally. She is passionate about developing high standards of veterinary physiotherapy to enhance the welfare of all horses, from elite athletes to hairy ponies and believes this is best achieved by the sharing of knowledge, structuring equine assessment and demystifying treatment techniques.

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