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  • Is your horse used to having wraps around their legs?
    If not, then perhaps starting by putting some traditional vet wrap or bandages around their legs to gauge how they will react. The last thing you want to happen is for your horse to be uncomfortable with the Cryochaps from the start. Remember, its better to set your horse up to succeed than fail.
  • I've had a gel leak what should I do?
    First, don't panic! If the gel has leaked and the product is within the warranty period of six months it can be replaced. This obviously only applies to units that have a manufacturing problem, but we will do our best to help you out.

    The supplier will need to see images of the damage before you send them back to them (not us).
  • Important - Looking after your CRYOCHAPS.
    As with any product that you want to use over time, it is always good practice to look after them. After each use, you should redistribute the gel evenly through the pouches that hold them. This stops the gel from getting stuck at the bottom of the pouch (gravity does this!).
  • Fitting the K2F Crychaps
    If you put the bottom strap under the fetlock, not round it, especially on the hind legs, if the horse kicks out or flexes the fetlock it puts a load of pressure on the wrap and could damage it.
  • Do you put on wet or dry legs?
    It is best to put on wet legs as water is denser than the air trapped in the hair so you get more cold transferred.
  • Can you leave the Cryochaps in the freezer all the time?
  • How long will they last in a cool box?
    This is dependant on the temperature they are stored at in the freezer. But to give you an idea if they have been stored at -25 degrees when you take them out of the freezer. They should last for four hours in the cool box or bag.
  • Do you put a Jay cloth on to protect the skin?
    No, the design of the Cyrochaps and the hair provides a protective barrier.
  • Will they fit a 14.2?
    The new K2F Cryochaps are designed to fit horses from 15.2 hh and upwards.

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